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BodoniAntTRegOu1.ttf It is a very beautiful typeface,with beautiful and elegant font design,smooth writing and beautiful effect.It is suitable for poster design, book binding,album cover,product packaging design and other applications.BodoniAntTRegOu1.ttf Download Fonts.BodoniAntTRegOu1.ttf is a Very beautiful art fonts,BodoniAntTRegOu1.ttffonts are loved by many designers,BodoniAntTRegOu1.ttf font is widely used in advertisements,posters,brochures,packaging design and printing,Nice fonts BodoniAntTRegOu1.ttf,BodoniAntTRegOu1.ttf Download fonts

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Download BodoniAntTRegOu1.ttf

How to install a font BodoniAntTRegOu1.ttf

Depending on the platform:

  • Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Vista - right-click the font BodoniAntTRegOu1.ttf file and select INSTALL
  • Windows XP - copy or move the font BodoniAntTRegOu1.ttf file(s) to C:\WINDOWS\FONTS
  • Mac OS X - double-click the font BodoniAntTRegOu1.ttf file and select INSTALL FONT
  • Linux - copy the font BodoniAntTRegOu1.ttf file(s) to /USR/SHARE/FONTS

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